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Luffing Cylinders

Luffing Cylinders

The luffing cylinder enables the stick-slip free movement and positioning of the arm. The luffing cylinders are used in continuous and sometimes dynamic operations. In most cases, the cylinder and piston rod are exposed to mechanically aggressive (abrasive) dust.

• Compact structure design, materials meet the requirements of classification society for impact energy, and low-temperature product design can be provided
• Provide a variety of surface anti-corrosion treatment solutions: Ni/Cr electroplating, ceramic spraying, laser cladding, etc.
• It can be designed and matched with an integrated counterbalance valve, oil pipe, etc.
• The conventional design temperature range is -20℃~+80℃, which can provide higher or lower temperature cylinders by customization service.
• Provide ABS, CCS, DNVGL, KR, LR, NK, BV, RINA, RS and other ship inspection certification services
• According to customer needs, a displacement feedback device can be added to monitor the cylinder’s stroke in real time.