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diesel power pack

Diesel Driven Power Pack

We are extremely proud to offer incredible diesel driven power packs. Our Hydraulic System fitted with tank top return filter lines, visual indicators and Oil level and temperature indicator. Our range of high-powered diesel engine driven power units is available in a range of specifications, to make certain that it meets the exact requirements of your Hydraulic system, to ensure that your system component will enjoy a long and productive lifetime. One of our areas of expertise is the engine driven hydraulic power pack and its integration with hydraulic systems in a variety of industries including manufacturing, renewable energy and construction industries. The main benefit of engine powered Hydraulic power pack is the ability to deliver Hydraulic power to areas where electricity is limited, unavailable or unsafe to use.

Engine packs are driven from either a petrol or diesel engine usually at a fixed speed at its optimum speed for power and torque delivery. A range of pumps can be fitted depending on the flow and pressure required with the common control being manual single or multi lever valve banks.

  • Easy to install
  • Longer service life
  • Easy handling
  • Compact design
  • Hydraulic power for various construction related machinery.
  • Log splitters on forestry machinery.
  • Raising & lowering of wind turbines masts for maintenance.
  • Recovery of locomotives and rail stock following derailment.
  • Working Pressure 350 Bar
  • Flow range Up to 300 Lpm
  • Power Up to 100 Hp


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